About Gaby Paris

Saadia Torjet, nicknamed Gaby, French of Moroccan origin, founded Gaby Paris in 2017.

Fascinated by craftsmanship, a passion passed on by her parents who used to make custom-made Moroccan caftans, and finding handcrafted decorative objects during their stays in Morocco, Saadia cultivated her passion for rare, tailor-made, unique objects.

His attachment to craftsmanship and his taste for fashion inspires him and Saadia from her nickname Gaby, begins by offering her services within her family and friend network.

She finds pieces from Luxury Houses which she then resells.

The reputation and trust that customers have in him allowed him to open a first showroom in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, then in the temple of Parisian trendiness, the 16th arrondissement of Paris. At the same time, Saadia, alias Gaby, continues to offer personalized sales of luxury pieces on social networks.

This form of sales allows us to capture the very essence of Millennials and Gen Z, of a certain Expressive Luxury. It affirms Gaby Paris's desire to respect the social and ecological commitments of our society.

In addition, it allows the democratization and accessibility of a captivating selection of French creators to a large number of customers.


Founder of GABY PARIS


Meet our passionate founder, a pioneer of sustainable fashion. With her unique flair for second-hand luxury, she has created an iconic boutique where elegance meets sustainability. Her commitment to ethical fashion and her innate sense of style will guide you to unique treasures. Welcome to the world of our visionary, the founder of Gaby Paris.

fashion consultant


Discover the latest fashion trends with Nausica, former assistant stylist at Le Bon Marché, LVMH Group

Content & graphic design


With her keen sense of design, she creates all of our communication media. Meet our graphic designer, the visual soul of Gaby Paris.

Content creator


Thanks to his passion for ethical fashion and luxury, he will immerse you in a world of unique style. Its visuals and stories evoke the elegance and authenticity of our store. Follow our content creator to stay inspired by luxury second-hand fashion treasures.



Meet our customer service expert, dedicated to your satisfaction. Always listening to you, she is there to meet your needs, advise you and make your shopping experience unforgettable.

Technical development


Management of our product catalog and digital sales channels.